LPD ( Landing Platform Deck )

RMK Marine for a formal evaluation by the Turkish Naval Forces 220 m long LPD (Landing Platform Deck) Defense industry FAIR IDEF'11.Kandemiroglu graphics, 3D modeling and illustration is made by the ship. At the same time, published in Jane's Defence Weekly magazine.


Havas, the apron to create a simulator center for equipment that requires special training in the Koç Information Group's experts in simulation KaTron


Simulation carried out with the cooperation of 3D

modeling and environmental visuals, created by Graphic Kandemiroglu.
İstanbul Ray

Prepared by KaTron, Istanbul rail project which was awarded for 3D images.
Istanbul 's real-time 3D model of the graphics in this project as Kandemiroglu street to street, avenue, street, modeled in a suitable shape come true



You're the boss of the World Register Single business

"Super Trade" is an ideal game to increase the knowledge and ability. Are you ready to risk?
- Friends together a great game to play in fun ..
- A big competition, the success gained by the risks to be entered, experienced changes due to events in the developing world
- Internal and external trade achievements, grab your friends know who is boss! ...


Computer, Mobile Phone, TV .. Every breath you take the field in the game!

MobiWar, at the same time you can play with thousands of text and graphics-based, real-time strategy game with an on-line mass. From the PC, and mobile phones, thanks to both Digiturk platform game can be played on television.

The game took on all the graphic design by Graphic Mobiwar Kandemiroglu, web applications and illustrations prepared ...


Cartoons, Fairy Tale, Education, entertainment

Honest Master, watch and listen to tales of Water Drops. Pairing consisting of the heroes of fairy tales, puzzles, coloring and increase the capabilities of children educational games CD


Prof. Dr. Haluk Yavuzer
Visual perception, image understanding and relationship between the pre-school story is a work that will provide the basic education process.

Author :Şenay Saçbüker




Barbarossa is a strategy game played in a certain Perspectives. Network environment, thanks to two computers to play and enjoyable moments will examine the power of the players will experience each other's strategy

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The games to plan and sketch became us assign, since we had very large successes within the range of the commercial artist position and prices received and we in the last years in Europe on the game sector in one of the like-constant games named –Sacred- with large success to have participated. Thus we received the order also thereafter from the company Ascaron for the follow-up play, Sacred 2, to cooperate. The company has, in view of the large achievement with the 1. Game, the brothers Kandemiroglu thereby assigns also 2. To develop and along-arrange game.

 4 Operation Black Pirate Treasure exclusive shops, web sites and click on the point of sale ...

Children will have fun playing both mathematics and develop training CD

Give him a fun opportunity to learn mathematics





The commando game is available in the specialist shops. Please click on the web pages and on for it intended left.


Learning through fun and Talent Development Series 3

Toy baby so much more fun, much more instructive
Educational games to learn from looking at their babies and children will have fun as well as CD

Table of Contents; Family Painting Baby Room Baby Sitting Babysitting Puzzle Memory

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Airbus A310-Turkish Airlines,Fedex,Air Transat, Lufthansa Royal Jordanian , Lowpoly model with Normal Mapping ,
by 3D_Field
Leopar TANK
Leopard TANK
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Dawn Chronicles a graphic novel series about Turkish soldiers who joined 1
ww and independence war. All the stories are realized than real memories and
true chronicles click...
Digiturk for interactive TV, Erotic Games Kandemiroglu graphic designs prepared.